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Heavenly Desserts
A taste of heaven in every dessert!
Get Your Taste of Heaven
Genuine raw materials and ingredients.
Plain, Pecan, Walnut, Peanut Butter, Red Velvet, Blue Velvet, Cheesecake. Price listed is per dozen. Pan size: 9 x 13 inch

Price: $14.99
Cake Balls
Small balls of cake dipped in white or milk chocolate. ( Price includes 2 dozen) .

Price: $29.99
Cake Flavor DZ. 1:
Candy Flavor DZ. 1:
Traditional Cakes
Heavenly Creations
Signature Traditional Pies
Sweet Breads
Custom Dessert Party for 5
Cake Ball Platter
Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Lemon and Pound cakes. 9 inch round 2 layer cakes with your favorite icing.

Price: $24.99
Your favorite cake and icing made into a petite size. Price includes 2 dozen.

Price: $36.00
Cake DZ. 1:
Icing DZ. 1:
Signature Cake- Lemon Cake iced with white chocolate icing with vanilla dipped strawberries wrapped in cookies.

Price: $64.99
Italian Cream, Coconut, Carrot and German Chocolate Cakes. 9 inch round 3-4 layer cakes with the traditional icing.

Price: $39.99
Specialty Cake:
Signature Traditional Pies
Family recipes that has been handed down to me help create the flavors of the traditional pies that we all love.

Price: $19.99
Cream cheese and sugar are just the base ingredients to our creative cheesecakes.

Price: $39.99
Traditional pies

Price: $14.99
These breads taste great with either tea or coffee. Just sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Price: $7.99
Custom Dessert Party for 5
A dessert party for you and four other friends. We will re-create one of our heavenly desserts from start to finish. You and your friends will take home a fabulous dessert and a new recipe.

Price: $79.99
4 of your favorite cake ball flavors on one platter. (8 dozen total)

Price: $119.99
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Cake Flavor DZ. 2:
Candy Flavor DZ. 2:
Cake DZ. 2:
Icing DZ. 2:
Small balls of cake dipped in white or milk chocolate. ( Price per dozen). Decorations extra $5.00

Price: $24.99
Candy Flavor:
Cake Flavor:
Cake Pops
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